Choosing A Good Quality Cricket Bat

I trust that you’ve been playing cricket as a batsman for some time and want to make the switchover from softball to hardball cricket or cricket with deuce balls. Walk into any shop selling cricket gear and you’ll be surprised that many seem to be identical in weight and handling. But step out in the field and you’ll find a world of difference in the way the bat performs, it may be heavier in executing strokes than you imagined, or doesn’t have the proper balance required to send the ball streaking to the fence.

The same can be said of cricket pads for sale because they need to fit perfectly and offer suitable protection as well as unencumbered movement while running between wickets. Coming back to the subject of bats, when you visit a store for one, the pictures of bats on those websites are just pictures, what matters is if it suits you physically. You would do well to read customer reviews, ratings as well as comments on online forums before deciding on one. Secondly, you need to consider the level of competition you’re entering, and choose a bat accordingly. If it’s serious, invest in a bat that is capable of long hard hitting. Backdoor cricket doesn’t require a heavy duty sledgehammer, but if using it professionally is your intention, you can expect a bat to cost between $20 on the cheaper side to about $300 for the high end ones.

You can search for cricket bats for sale that will come at discounted price. You might consider this a big investment; however you need to remember that a high quality bat will last, and will shrug off the fast pitched deliveries with a spring.A factor to consider is the type of ball that the game’s going to be played with. Any competition will have leather balls or polystyrene ones. You definitely will need a heavier bat for combating these. However, if it’s just a friendly game with the neighbours with tennis balls, then buy a lighter bat made for casual use. There’s no use throwing your money away. If you’re a beginner, then chances are that you have not yet mastered the strokes and shots in the directory of a skilled batsman. This is likely to make your bat the subject of much abuse from slices, top edges and erosion of the bottom of the blade while digging out yorkers. You can also expect the bats to behave differently because of the location of the “sweet spot” at different places. This is the place on the bat’s surface which sends the ball flying like a comet across the field if the shot is in full swing. Visit this link for more info on cricket bats for sale.

Activities And Sports That Help To Lose Weight Affectively

Living a healthy and active life is more challenging than most people think. This is because of how much we need to get done in merely 24 hours. Our heavy and hectic work schedules generally give us quite a lot to do in our days; and this inevitably makes it so that we are sacrificing our sleep and compromising with our eating habits. Not eating and sleeping well generally leads to a less active life; making it so that we barely have enough energy to get our professional tasks done. You need to tackle that primarily, and then move to exercising and working out. If you have a healthy sleeping pattern and eat well, then here are a few sports and activities to help you lose weight.

•    Swimming – this sports is a favorite among many working people. Apart from exercising your body, swimming also helps you to relax your mind and de-stress. You can always swim on your own, and gain quite good results. But if you want to make it more interesting (so that you don’t flake out after a few weeks), try and swim regularly with a friend. In your “lazy days” your friend can help you feel more motivated.   •    Cycling – this is another sport and activity that is extremely liberating; and in the long run, can help you lose a lot of weight. Just like swimming, this is something more fun to do with a friend. Make sure that you have the right cycling jerseys online and that you are not pushing yourself too fast, too soon. •    Gardening – tending to your garden involves a lot more work than you think. If you have a condition that doesn’t allow you to move around much, or if you’re not too eager about cycling jerseys, then this particular activity can be better for you. It’s alright if you’re not overly fond of flowers; try your hand at growing vegetables and herbs. Some of them grow well even in pots, and require very little space. •    Hiking – if you’re looking for a slow but steady activity that you can regularly do to lose weight, then give hiking a try. As opposed to walking or jogging, this activity requires that you spend a little more energy and effort. Start small, in local hiking trails. Once you get the hang of it, and you’re more sure of your capabilities, you can try bigger trails.  •    Surfing – are you lucky enough to be living somewhere close to a beach? If you are, then have you tried surfing? Just like hiking, the results of it may not appear to you very fast. But it’s a steady result—as far as you keep at it. But it’s said that even beginners need to concentrate a great deal and spend a lot of energy; so, it might be that you’re actually losing weigh right from the beginning, but not realizing…